20/21 VISION

Many of us are still reflecting on 2020, and I am sure we are all on a mission to move forward by kicking off the new year in a positive way. Vision boards are my absolute favorite way to kick-off the new year. Even though we can’t have our fun vision board parties with friends this year, we can use this time to make this a more personal self-reflecting experience so that we can come into 2021 on a happy note. Put simply: a vision board is a visual representation of your goals.

These are typically poster-sized visuals that contain all kinds of images and words that represent a goal you have. If you are anything like me, putting your goals on paper in a visual format can actually help you achieve them. Let’s give it a try!

Simple steps to make the best vision board:

1. Create a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the 2021 year. I found some of the best journals to goal set from Anthropologie.

Margaret Journals, Set of 3, $12, Anthropologie

Mindset Is Everything Goals Journal, $18, Anthropologie

2. Set your intentions by clearing your mind using candles or burning sage to relax and think clearly. I picked up a candle and motivational quote book from Olive & Loom. I also could not leave without a sage bundle to set the mood.

Pocket Wisdom Books, $9.99, Olive & Loom

Kin & Care Tin Candles, $12, Olive & Loom

Sage Wand, $24, Olive & Loom

3. Gather a poster board or canvas and old magazines (we all have them laying around)- I found myself collecting magazines of interest. I found all my stickers and paper from Paper Source. They have so many fun prints to choose from!

Lokta Metallic Gold Handmade Paper, $9.95, Paper Source

Decorative Scissors, $12.95, Paper Source

4. Find pictures/words that represent your goals and inspire you. When looking for images in the magazines, look for those that immediately make you say, “Yes! That is what I want in my life!” 

5. Make a collage out of your photos and lay them out

6. Add motivational “affirmation words” that represent how you are determined to FEEL in 2021. Take some time to create a list of words that describe how YOU want to feel.

7. Contemplate your vision board every day. I am planning to hang mine in my bedroom. Seeing your vision board every day will keep you on track of what you planned for the year.

Happy New Year, folks! Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us.

Samantha E is a creative Washingtonian consultant with a keen eye for details. After growing up in Arkansas she ventured to North Carolina where she earned her bachelor’s in business administration from Bennett College for Women. Samantha then moved to the district to pursue her professional career in business development, she started the Samantha E brand and blog as a creative outlet along the way. She has an extensive background in visual imagery and brand story consulting with a passion for helping others show up in the most visionary way. Samantha E’s value lies in the ability to collaborate with clients to create a breathtaking story for people and brands. She has worked in retail and the personal styling world for major brands like Banana Republic, Gap and Trunk Club. When she is not creating content over on Samantha E  you’ll find her on IG at S.E.COLE, eating her way through different cities, exploring the outdoors and cooking yummy meals at home.