You’ve set an intention—breakfast every morning. So, now what? Overnight oats is what!

The great thing about this breakfast trend is how easy it is to make. Even better, it’s totally customizable. The best part is how cute it looks it that little jar!

  1. Le Parfait French Hermetic Glass Terrines, $6-$13, The Container Store
  2. Breakfast Overnight Jars, $23, Williams Sonoma
  3. Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set, $15, World Market
  4. Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Wide Mouth Jar 10.75 oz, $5, Sur La Table
  5. Small Glass Weck Tulip Jar, $5, World Market

Don’t do it alone—try a recipe that will help you avoid oats that are too soggy or too dry. Once you have the basics down (favorite oat, favorite milk, favorite jar)—go wild! Add in a nut butter or raw nut mix. Go for color with seasonal, dried fruit or berry compote. Make it sweet or savory with agave or tahini. Sprinkle with hemp seeds (or, chocolate chips!).

And, no health claims here, but…!

Peanut butter? Say no more!

Master the basics. Now make it delicious.

6 options with 5-star reviews!

Learn by watching?

And, of course, there’s a TikTok or two for that!

However you choose to customize your oats, have some fun with it, make it your own. And, don’t forget your goal: breakfast every morning.