I’ve witnessed the resurgence of multiple decades of trends in my adult life spanning from the 60’s, to 70’s and then 80’s. I used to be a strong proponent in the camp of “if you’re old enough to remember living the trend the first time, you should probably sit out the second time”. 

Well, here we are, and somehow after the past year, the comfort in experiencing the nostalgia of the 90’s beckons me. Not just the idea of watching Seinfeld reruns while eating Dunkaroos, but who can resist how practical a fanny pack is? Fanny packs, scrunchies, bike shorts: totally rad. Here are my top picks for embracing the 90’s without looking like you just jumped out of a DeLorean.

  1. French Connection Ekeze Crepe Strappy Dress, $128, South Moon Under
  2. Hella 90’s Pop Culture Trivia Game, $14.99, Barnes & Noble
  3. Clare V. Woven Leather Belt Bag, $135, Anthropologie
  4. Masie Gold Corded Friendship Bracelet In Coral Mix Paracord, $88, Kendra Scott
  5. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Suede Sandals, $135, REI
  6. Wunder Train High Rise, $58, Lululemon
  7. Boyfriend Low Regular Jeans, $35.99, H&M