Who’s over being at home but not completely over cooking?

If you raised your hand, then you’ll be just as excited as I was to join Sur La Table for an in-store cooking class. I was super excited to be making all types of sushi alongside the chef!! A cooking class is perfect for a date night or just a fun night out with the girls. I signed up for a Friday “Date night” Sushi making class. At this point, we all need a reason to get out and have some fun and this was by far the best Friday night I’ve had in a while.

I consider myself a pretty good cook but have never made sushi, so what better way to be taught than by a professional at Sur la table? We learned how to make sushi rice, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna rolls, and Avocado veggie rolls. I must say the Shrimp tempura was super fun to make and tasted absolutely delicious!

Chef David kicked us off by preparing our stations and organizing the tools to make each type of sushi. This was my first time cooking sushi rice so learning to properly rinse and season with vinegar syrup was very interesting. If you love the smell of vinegar, then this would be your favorite part.

Personally, my favorite part was creating my own sushi rolls! Adding a bit of avocado to each…because who doesn’t love avocado- it’s my favorite! Chef David taught us how to properly roll the sushi making sure it all fits inside as you roll. I was excited to taste all my sushi and you can take it with you or simply eat as you cook. 

My ultimate goal was to successfully cut my handmade sushi. The success of this goal can be seen by the smile on my face! Cooking classes are now at the top of my list for fun nights out. I can’t wait to book the next one with friends.

Select something yummy to cook by check out the Sur La Table cooking class schedule here.