Attending your first backyard fête in for-ev-er? This is a BIG DEAL. Time to swap those stay-at-home clothes for that equally comfy, but much more stylish maxi dress—you know, the one you bought back in March! Whip up one of those new recipes you perfected while your loaves (and, loaves) of bread were baking. And, grab your new en vogue facemask. Just don’t forget a gift for the host. After all, they are the reason you are leaving the house!

We’ve pulled together a few gift ideas from our favorite locally-owned boutiques, perfect for any summertime gathering. And, totally worthy of this moment.

  1. Thymes Aqua Coralline Limited Edition Candle, available at The Cottage Monet
  2. Live Edge Bowl, $110.00, Red Orchard
  3. Tea Towel Botanica, $14.00, Le Village Marché
  4. Pocket Wisdom Books, $9.99, Olive & Loom
  5. Neuhaus Truffles in Prestige Box, $41.90, Neuhaus