We took a look inside your pantry and saw that you were overly ambitious with some of your panic purchases. Deep breaths—we got you! Here are 6 easy (but, not basic) recipes to work through your stockpile, and come out with amazing meals that you’ll actually look forward to eating as leftovers.

  1. Vegetarian Enchiladas by: LOVE & LEMONS
  2. First Night in Florence Spaghetti by: BOULANGERE
  3. Vegetarian Skillet Chili by: MELISSA CLARK
  4. Easy Chicken Tagine by: SIMON RIMMER
  5. BA’s Best Snickerdoodles by: RICK MARTINEZ
  6. Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric by: ALISON ROMAN
  1. Blue Tile Terracotta Tagine, $29.99, World Market
  2. Le Creuset Heritage Covered Baker, 4QT., $114.95, Sur La Table
  3. Purelast EcoSmart Measuring Cups, $16.95, The Cookery
  4. Keeping it Simple, $24.99, Red Orchard
  5. Tile Apron, $34.50, Sur La Table
  6. Green Pan Prestige 12-in Covered Fry, $129.95, Williams Sonoma