Are you a love or loathe when it comes to mushrooms?

For the shroom lovahs among us, there are no limits to our infatuation with all things fungi. They can be topped on a sirloin, or eaten as a whole dang burger. Choose two sides with your meal? Mushrooms, please!

Cuisines from all over the world include some of the best uses and unique varieties of mushrooms. Maybe it’s still button on our pizza, or cremini on your cauliflower steak. Feeling fancy? Shiitake in your ramen! Or, porcini in your risotto! For the true gourmand, nothing but the best—oyster mushrooms make a unique substitution for actual oysters. And, hen-of-the-woods is not only a foragers dream find, but beautiful (yes, we said it) to look at!

As farmer’s market season quickly approaches, be on the look out for some of the common, and more unique fungus among us. Or, take it one step further and grow your own! What? Yes! Mushroom kits are the new, more edible chia pet of yesteryear. You’ll feel like a magician watching these beauties sprout in your kitchen, only to harvest, cook and serve. Need more inspiration, check out the New York Times recent write up—and, get to it. Those mushrooms won’t grow themselves! Ok, they totally will!

Photos by Chris Maggio for The New York Times