It’s fall and temperatures are cooling, and the most important room in your home is calling for your attention. No, not the kitchen—your BEDROOM! It’s our sanctuary. Whether you’re searching for first-class luxury or simple pleasures, here are some options for feathering your nest.

Hotel Crisp

Hotels are often noted for their luxury, and they spare no expense when it comes to their linens.
Make each night a staycation with these elegant choices.

  • Sheets: European Flax Linen Sheet & Pillowcases, $243-270, West Elm
  • Duvet Cover: Rameaux Duvet Cover, $595, Yves Delorme
  • Pillow: Lush Velvet Pillow Cover, $24-48, West Elm

The Weekender

When guests come to visit, you spare no expense to provide them with comfort. Why not treat
yourself like a welcome visitor? No need to decamp to the guest room with these selections!

  • Comforter: Actuel Comforter, $525, Yves Delorme
  • Sheets: European Flax Linen Sheet Set & Pillowcases, $270, West Elm
  • Pillow: HydroCool Down Alternative Pillow Insert, $100, West Elm


Our college dorm room was always an inch away from mayhem, but we kept our bed nap-ready!
Pretend you’re ignoring your noisy roommate and create an oasis amid the chaos!

  • Duvet Cover: J Joie Linen Duvet Set, $119.99, TJ Maxx
  • Sheets: 5-Star Travel Sheet By Peacock Alley, $160, Yves Delorme
  • Throw: Tweedmill Throw, $79.99, TJ Maxx