Exercise resolutions didn’t stick? Worry not. We’ve got 5 easy ways to spring forward your fitness routine and get active!


First thing’s first –the look! There’s nothing more motivating than a great new outfit (right!?) and that holds true when working out, too. So lace up a brand new pair of sneakers, pick up that sleek pair of Lululemon Wunder Under leggings and breathable tank you’ve been eyeing at Gap, snag some Ursa Major cleansing wipes from Follain, and toss them all into your L.L. Bean boat-and-tote (we think it doubles as a gym bag). Getting dressed is half the battle, and once you’re feeling confident with a week’s worth of workout wardrobe essentials, you’ll be one step closer to keeping up with your goals.


Now that you’ve got the gear, it’s time to put it to use. Whether you decide to fit your new exercise routine in morning or night, laying out the look is essential. If AM is your style, be sure to place your sneakers, socks and outfit somewhere obvious – we’ve been known to keep them right next to the bed so we’re literally tripping over them when the alarm rings. And if PM is more your speed, make sure you place that packed gym bag (we also love the can’t-miss bright options from Vera Bradley, available at Cottage Monet) right next to your front door and take it with you wherever you go.


The gym can feel intimidating if you’re just starting out, so we suggest signing up – for a class or for a few training sessions – to hold yourself accountable. If you’ve already paid for a Club Pilates class, and you know you’ll get charged a late fee for skipping, you’re more likely to show up. Same goes for that personal training session at Sport & Health – you can’t leave your trainer hanging once it’s been booked! Plus, with everywhere from Equinox to CorePower Yoga offering apps that make signing up as easy as a few taps of your fingers, there’s no excuse to forget your next class! Pro tip: sync your apps to your phone’s calendar so you get class reminders an hour before and alerts from your GPS about the best time to leave.


This one is an important one. As much as you may want to track results from the get-go, avoid the constant trips to the scale. Recognize that weight fluctuates, even with a new fitness routine in place –and as you build muscle, yours may even go up! So rather than basing your progress on a number, acknowledge new milestones like being able to hold a plank 20 seconds longer than you could last week, adding an extra 5 push-ups to your reps, or hitting a mile at OrangeTheory in less time than the month prior. There are lots of ways to measure success, and they should start with your stamina and strength.


Lastly, treat yourself! Not just for meeting your fitness goals, but for making time for them. When starting a new fitness program, short-term rewards will help you see the value in your new commitment until you reach the longer-term goals like more energy, strength, and mental clarity. For the first few months, make time to reward yourself after you’ve completed a goal. Made it to five Gold’s Gym spin classes in a row? Book that Mynd Deep Tissue Massage this weekend! Woke up for a 6AM [solidcore] class? Go ahead and order that Joe & the Juice smoothie! Eventually, you won’t even need a reward to recognize that you’ve built new habits.