It’s camping szn. So, whether you’re pitching a tent in your backyard, or hitting the opening road in your newly procured airstream, you’re likely to find yourself sitting fireside.

Ignite your inner Girl Scout (inventors of this edible art) with gourmet s’mores that will keep them (you) coming back for s’mores.

The Classic
Graham Crackers
Milk Chocolate

The 2020 Remix

PB Lovers
Skip the milk chocolate. The move here is a peanut butter cup!

Bacon Bacon
Is this one self-explanatory? Just add bacon.

Did you know they make chocolate graham crackers? Yep, use those instead!

Don’t go full Martha. Pick-up store made chocolate chip cookies. Smash the marshmallow and milk chocolate between those!

Cheese & Thank You
A slice of cheese.
Wait—here us out! The sonder/sway rec is a soft brie or a sharp cheddar.

Craving that ooey-gooey, chocolate-y, crunchy dessert, with no camp fire to speak of? We’ve got a few in-home (mosquito free) finds for you!

S’mores Maker, $49.95, Williams Sonoma

Skillet S’mores Dip

Skillet S’more Dip recipe by Sur La Table

Trader Joe`s Milk Chocolate Smashing Smores with Graham cracker ...

S’mashing S’mores available at Trader Joe’s