Is it a love match? Need some career guidance? Seeking clarity on the year ahead? Same! But, if you’re here for the fashion, the eyes have it. Set your sights on the stars this summer and let your zodiac sign be your guide. All signs are pointing to looking fabulous as the temperatures heat up.


This fire sign is bold, ambitious and brave. Always itching to try something new!

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Cool, calm, and relaxed—Taurus’ can hold their ground like their bull spirit animal.

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This sign is full of energy. Being versatile, curious, and playful are classic characteristics of this zodiac.

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Highly intuitive, this water sign is strong on the outside and soft on the inside—just like their crab animal symbol.

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Passionate, loyal, and definitely dramatic—Leo’s loves to be the center of attention.

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Known to be detail-oriented and methodical, Virgos can get the job done and done right!

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Obsessed with symmetry and equilibrium, this sign has an energy that is both balanced and harmonious.

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Seemingly simple, yet complicated—Scorpios may be mysterious, but this sign is full of courage.

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Represented by an archer, Sagittarius launches itself like an arrow into new pursuits and adventure.

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Patience, perseverance and dedication are strong attributes that can be found in Capricorns. Loyal to a fault, this sign is always good to have on your side.

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Aquarius are clever, self-reliant and very optimistic. Always looking at the glass half full, their hopeful energy radiates around them.

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Pisces take on the environment around them. Like a sponge, they are intuitive, sensitive and empathetic.

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