Since the pandemic, I have gotten pretty focused on my personal time—working long days and staying up all night can get exhausting. I’ve been finding myself on my phone or gazing at my laptop more than needed. With that said, I knew I had to get away, and what better way to enjoy ME and only ME  than out in a cabin in the Virginia wilderness!

I took this opportunity to slow down, enjoy myself, and take in the beautiful surroundings. It also taught me a thing or two about managing the outdoors and how much I enjoy sitting and reading.

I fell in love with my cabin the moment I saw it—it was exactly what I needed! The light-colored wood and the large window letting in rays of sunlight made a perfect cozy spot. What I loved most was the details put into the cabin from the window in the bathroom to the space between the bed that allows you to sit and read while taking it all in. What I also appreciated was the cell phone box… service is limited but this allowed me time to journal, read and play games. 

For this trip, I packed:

As it is almost time to close out 2022, be sure to incorporate wellness into your days. Don’t make travel as crazy and hectic as your day-to-day life by jumping on an airplane when you can simply escape to nature. Going back to work on Monday won’t seem so bad afterward. 

Take a look at my trip below and listen to some tunes to help you unwind—specially curated by me!

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Samantha E is a creative consultant with a keen eye for detail. After growing up in Arkansas she ventured to North Carolina where she earned her bachelor’s in business administration from Bennett College for Women. Samantha then moved to the district to pursue her professional career and start the Samantha E brand and blog as a creative outlet along the way. Samantha E’s value lies in collaborating to create a breathtaking story. She has worked in retail and the personal styling world for brands like Banana Republic, Gap and Trunk Club. When not creating content over on Samantha E  you’ll find her on IG at S.E.COLE, eating her way through different cities, exploring the outdoors and cooking yummy meals at home.