If you’re anything like me, you always loved going back to school in the fall—and not just because you got to see your friends or dive back into your favorite subject, but because of the school supply shopping! There was nothing that could beat the fresh start with all the new notebooks, pencils, markers, folders, and desk organizers ready to go for the school year ahead. 

And while I no longer head back to school in the fall, old habits die hard. So, when fall rolls around each year, I find myself treating myself to new office supplies to keep my workspace fresh and inspiring for the new season. So today, I wanted to share five of my favorite, easy ways to freshen up your workspace this fall: 

Buy Cute, Fresh Notepads

Whether you’re writing down your weekly to-do list, the latest iteration of your grocery list, or notes from an important call, having a cute notepad that showcases your own sense of style really ups the ante—and makes work a little more fun. My home has lots of blues and greens, so I love looking for notepads that complement that color scheme, like the Rifle Paper Co. one pictured here I picked up from The Container Store

And, while you’re shopping for fresh notepads at The Container Store, don’t forget to stock up on a new set of your favorite pens. I am partial to the fine-tip ones by Poppin, an amazing line of office essentials I discovered a few years ago that is functional, yet offers an elevated product design. 

(Finally) Get Desk Organizers

Prior to the pandemic, I almost never worked from home—I was either in the office or traveling for work. Once it became evident that we would not be returning to the office for a long while, I invested in a desk for my home office, and specifically picked one that had drawers for extra storage. Only I never got around to organizing them—until now. And let me tell you, I wish I had done it sooner! 

Simple plastic desk organizers, which you can easily find at The Container Store and TJ Maxx, make all the difference in keeping your office supplies easily accessible and visible in desk drawers. And, because everything has a place, these desk organizers have really helped me cut down on the amount of clutter I have in my workspace. 

File Away Your Documents in Style 

Between important work documents, medical documentation, financial statements, and more, there’s a lot of paperwork to file away. To make this part of “adulting” more fun, I like to at least make sure it looks good. 

I recently grabbed some colorful folders from Target, sorted my documents, and then filed them away in a beautiful woven file holder I picked up at The Container Store. It fits my office decor and helps keep me organized—a huge win/win in my book. 

Swap Out Your Desk Accessories 

One of my favorite ways to level up my desk for a fresh season is to swap out my desk accessories. For instance, I often change up what I use to hold my pens, highlighters, and scissors on my desk—and I love to showcase some personality and style with whatever I decide to use. 

One of my go-to’s is to find a beautiful glass at World Market instead of a traditional pen holder. The jewel tones of this one feel warm and welcoming for fall, yet mesh perfectly with the rest of my office space. 

Cheers to Fall! 

And, while you’re out there shopping for all the office essentials, don’t forget to save some room in your cart for the fun stuff, too. 

I always like to have fresh flowers on my desk, and my favorite place to shop for them is Trader Joe’s—they always have a great selection at an inexpensive price point. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time working, so having a little treat like fresh flowers goes a long way.

And, of course, you have to have the essentials on hand for when Friday at 5pm rolls around! My favorite place to stock up on wine for a weekend kickoff happy hour is World Market—they have an awesome selection, and their staff is always so knowledgeable. 

Cheers to fall! 

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Katie Urban is a lifestyle blogger and hosts A Touch of Teal. Read her blog to find the perfect desk-to-drink or weekend outfits, travel guide for your next adventure, home decor ideas—and cocktail recipes for when you have people over, a new book to read, or just reflections on life as a millennial living in DC.