The best butternut and pumpkin-infused finds for feasting on this fall.

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Le Pain Quotidien’s Pumpkin Muffins

Le Pain Quotidien Pumpkin Muffin
If you know, you know. This pumpkin muffin is denser than most and topped with pumpkin seeds, making that first moist bite the perfect flavor explosion of sweet cinnamon, cake-y and crunchy . This is one muffin where the base is just as good as the top. We’ve been known to lick the muffin paper when it’s gone.

Where to find? Le Pain Quotidien Bethesda Row and Wildwood

Sunday Morning Bakehouse Pumpkin Pie
This seasonal pie will be the star of your Thanksgiving feast – if you can get your hands on one. The newly opened bakery at Pike & Rose debuted these in miniature form at last year’s PIKECentral Farm Market, and we’re pretty sure they’ll be making a triumphant return this year in founder Caroline Yi’s first official brick-and-mortar kitchen. Keep an eye out for this pie and more holiday specials the week of Thanksgiving.

Where to find? Sunday Morning Bakehouse at Pike & Rose

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Honeygrow’s Waldorf Salad
Take all the elements of a great Thanksgiving feast and toss them into a salad – you’ll get Honeygrow’s fall special, the Waldorf. Spiralized butternut squash laces throughout curly kale studded with quinoa, crunchy apples, grapes, celery and roasted walnuts, all topped off with crumbly bleu cheese and a coconut cranberry dressing.

Where to find? Honeygrow at Montrose Crossing

Bethesda Bagel Seasonal Pumpkin Bagels
Pumpkin bagels and schmear is the breakfast combo you didn’t know you needed this fall, but this seasonal flavor from the beloved local bagelry will have you missing it when it leaves the menu. Think of it as an update to your cinnamon raisin, and try it with the Honey Raisin Walnut cream cheese.

Where to find? Bethesda Bagels Bethesda Row and Wildwood

Nada’s Butternut Squash Soup
Trust us. You’ve never had a better butternut squash soup than this one. Something about the mix of sweet, mellow butternut and sharp green onions with crunchy, salty pepitas and cool and creamy queso fresca make this soup one of the best in our books. Pro tip: dip your chips in it.

Where to find? Nada at Pike & Rose

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
We’d be remiss if we left the founder of pumpkin-flavored-coffees (at least in our books) off this list. The PSL is still one of our top fall coffee orders. If you’re looking for the same pumpkin flavors in a cold coffee drink, order the Nitro Cold Brew with Pumpkin Cream on top.

Where to find? Starbucks Congressional Plaza, Pike & Rose, Rockville Town Square, and Wildwood

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Le Pain Quotidien’s Giving Thanks Tartine
You could call this open-faced seasonal menu star just another one of those Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, but you wouldn’t be giving it full credit. Layered with roasted turkey, sweet roasted butternut squash and peppery arugula, this tartine packs a flavorful punch with the additions of cranberry harissa chutney and chestnut crème. Even better, 10% of the proceeds are donated to Make-a-Wish Foundation. Eat good, do good.

Where to find? Le Pain Quotidien Bethesda Row and Wildwood