Spring is here, and houseplants are the hottest home trend right now! And, for good reason– they’re affordable, fun, beautiful, and can bring any space to life! But how can you create an Insta-worthy space, and keep your plants alive? 

Play It Smart…Start Simple

Going into the plant store can make you want to purchase every plant you see! But when decorating with plants, it’s best to start small. Purchase a few easy plants and read up on how to care for them. Buying too many plants without doing your research can leave you in over your head.

The Perfect Starter Plants

Becoming a plant parent can be intimidating, so start easy and test your green thumb with low-maintenance plants such as a ZZ plant, Snake plant, Pothos plant, Spider plant, or Succulents.

Shop Only the Best

Don’t think you can just grab plants from anywhere! Know the best places that nurture the plants and can provide a wealth of knowledge about them. Stores that provide this quality are:

Match Your Plants to Your Vibe

There’s nothing wrong with buying plants because you like them. But, if you’re interested in decorating with plants, you may want to select the plants that fit your home’s vibe.

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, consider oversized plants like a tall fiddle leaf fig or rubber tree. Pair them with great plant stands and planters from West Elm, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, or Ross

West Elm: Eden Cross Base Standing Planter in Brass
West Elm: Mid-Century Turned Wood Tabletop Planters in Gold Stripe

Brighten Up Those Dark Rooms

Adding low-light-loving plants to the darker rooms of your home can brighten them up by adding life. Simply try out these low-light loving plants: Pothos, Nerve plant, Dieffenbachia, Calathea, or the ZZ plant.

Ready to start decorating your home with houseplants? Don’t forget a watering can too!