This spring, we’re gathering a few staple pieces for your home and closet that will serve you year after year. Trends come and go, but focusing on the classics will save you time and money. Not to mention, this is a more sustainable practice, since you won’t be buying in excess or tossing things out just a few months down the line!

I’ve rounded up five of my must-have staples for spring that are ultra timeless to boot! Oh, and if you’re worried that “classic” or “timeless” are just code words for ~expensive~, don’t be—many of these picks are super budget-friendly, promise. Keep reading for five timeless spring staples you’ll want to snag ASAP.

Blooming Details

There’s a reason that flowery prints are such a must this time of year: they’re classy, festive, and never go out of style! If your next few weeks look anything like mine, then they’re filled with baby showers, wedding showers, graduations, and other celebratory events that call for a put-together yet cheerful look.

Spring also means the return of dinners and happy hours al fresco, so I can’t wait for all of the fun nights ahead. I was thrilled to find the perfect flirty top, at Ross Dress for Less, for all of my outdoor springtime activities—it’s easy to pair with jeans, and we all know you can never go wrong with jeans and a cute top. This find will be great for everything from picnics in the park to fancier date nights (just add heels!). Oh, and did I mention it was just $12.99?

It’s a Tie

I can never resist a pretty scarf, and this pink cutie, which I also found at Ross Dress for Less for just $8.99, was really a no-brainer! It’ll look adorable paired with a solid-colored sundress, for sure, but other days, I’ll tie it to the handle of one of my wicker totes for some extra spring-like flair while out and about. Versatile and ultra-affordable? That’s what I’m talking about. Plus, we all know that scarves are always en vogue.

Spring Scented

This time of year also means the return of spring cleaning. Make your apartment clean out feel more fun by treating yourself to a room spray that you can spritz around your newly organized space. While browsing at Indigo Octopus, I was thrilled to come across some Byredo products (my favorite!) including the brand’s room sprays, which smell fabulous. Because we so strongly associate scent with memory, I love the idea of purchasing a season-specific room spray to get those feel-good, warm weather vibes going. While the spray was more of a splurge item, a little goes a long way, and this bottle will last for quite some time, especially if I solely plan to use it during the springtime months. Plus, we all deserve a little treat after tackling our to-do list!

Tote-ally Cute

I’ve been using Scout products for years (the company was started locally in Georgetown!) and find them to be so versatile. This tote isn’t your average bag—it folds up super thin, making it the perfect piece to toss in a suitcase while traveling. Because it’s made from waterproof material, it’s also a great choice for picnics, days by the lake, and the like—it’s so easy to wipe clean. Banner’s Hallmark carries a gigantic selection of Scout items, but this specific bag spoke to me because of its peppy pattern, easy storage potential, and under-$50 price tag. I know it’ll be wonderful for all of the spring adventures I have planned. Plus, as a major bag enthusiast, I love the idea of having a tote to bust out each spring.

These five spring staple pieces will continue to serve you year after year and make you pretty darn happy every time you use them. Now bring on the warm, sunny days!