The heat will soon settle and before we know it families will be gathering outside grilling and watching football while kids soak up the last bits of summer. Now is the time to make your outdoor living into its greatest potential. Transitioning into your fall must-haves, we’ve highlighted our top picks for this season.

Highlighted in these photos is Azzuro Living and Palecek. Their high-quality, well-crafted products allow for comfort and durability through all weather types. We are keeping up with what is new and of the best quality for your home. We know that furniture is an investment, and do our best to steer clients in the most efficient and budget-friendly directions.

The easiest and most budget-friendly way to transition your space from Summer to Fall is through accessories. Sticking with brighter, more vibrant colors in the spring and summer will heighten the liveliness of the space. Gravitating towards more tonal, rich colors will elevate the moodiness and comfort. Having accessories sparks interest in the space by bringing in added elements. There is no better way to explain how much this boosts your outdoor living area until you see how drastically these small items can transform it!

A timeless look—the Summer Classics line has outdoor furnishings to meet anyone’s needs. Long-lasting, durable furniture and accessories are a must for transitioning between seasons. While purchasing furniture can be an investment, it’s important to make sure that what you are purchasing is of quality and built to last. That is a key feature to consider and our knowledge and resources are up to date with the greatest outdoor technologies. The Summer Classics line is durable and has styles of all sorts to coordinate with the rest of your home.

Color is an essential element to any space, but especially one in the outdoors. It is an overlooked detail that brings loads of personality and excitement into an outdoor environment. These are a few items that we have found that bring attention to an outdoor area. While some might steer away from it, having interchangeable accessories through seasons is an easy tool to help transition your space from summer to fall and vice versa. At the same time, muted tones can elevate your space year round and bring a sense of liveliness to your outdoor area.

Finding the right outdoor furnishings and putting them all together can be difficult and overwhelming. We offer a full-service design team ready to help you with any of your needs/desires. Catering to many different tastes and styles, our designers work diligently to create a full design presentation. Here you will find a few examples of boards that highlight some of our favorite brands, while bringing in specific elements to heighten the environment with pieces that are durable and easy to maintain for a young family.

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