From your first kiss until the last dance—there is always a song. Your song. The one that is just for the two of you. Maybe it’s a mega hit love anthem. Or a simple indie acoustic. No matter the song, whenever you hear it, it stops you in your tracks. Takes your breath away. Gives you those first-date butterflies. It unlocks the most beautiful memories of your love and all the special moments you share.

Where did you find your song? 80’s babies know all about the request line, and the rush to record as soon as it hit the airwaves. 90’s kids burned playlists for every occasion. And, the digitally native 00’s crew downloaded all the iTunes and hit shuffle. Now it’s the TikTok creative class giving us all a lesson on how to make some of our favorites into the best aisle and entrance music. 

That Travis & Kourtney Love

@naluthepianoman Reply to @what_gir1_sam ♬ original sound – That Piano Guy

Something From Across the Pond

@sallypotterton This song works so well at weddings! #paradise #coldplay #violin #weddingmusic ♬ original sound – sallypotterton

The One Where You Got Married

@pianocole Answer to @cinammon.toast_cronch 🦞☕️ #theonewhere #friendstvshow #rossandrachel #pianogirl #walkdowntheaisle ♬ original sound – Nicole Reynolds

That Potterhead Kind Of Love

@naluthepianoman Reply to @cayobviouslee #pianotok #pianocover #harrypotter #hedwigstheme #weddingtiktok #weddingentrance #weddingideas #harrypotterwedding #hptiktok #hp ♬ original sound – That Piano Guy

Get in the “I do” mood with this month’s playlist curated by s/s contributor Juliana C.