We are headed into spring, which means longer days and spending more time outdoors!

For many runners, winter running is not an activity they participate in. I used to be a “never-running-in-the-cold runner” myself. Icy trails, dry air, blustery days, and snow are enough to keep many runners indoors in the winter months!

Whether you’re a runner who has been running year-round, or a runner who is returning after a winter sabbatical, this list should help you transition from winter to spring running.

Stepping Good

Regardless of whether you’re a roadrunner or a trail runner, you want to make sure your running shoes are up to snuff! A common question I receive is, “what kind of running shoes should I get?” My answer is always, “get fitted at a running store!” It’s usually free, you can test out shoes to ensure they not only fit but have the right amount of cushion and stability for your run.

Tips to keep you comfy:

  • Ask a fit expert from Road Runner Sports to help you find your perfect running shoe. 
  • Learn from resources about when to replace your shoes.

Protect the Melanin

If you’ve been hibernating all winter, it may be time to restock your sun care products!

The Sun Bum Day Tripper travel set, from Ulta, is the perfect size for your gym bag! It also contains sunscreen, lip balm, and after sun lotion. With cooler temperatures in March, it can also be stored in your glove compartment. But, you’ll want to keep these products out of excessive heat, so don’t store them in the car once it’s warm out!

Looking for something new to add to your sun care routine? Try the COOLA Scalp & Hair Mist. If you run without wearing hats in the spring, you’ll want to use this to protect your scalp and hair from the effects of UV.

Black Girl Sunscreen, also from Ulta, is perfect if you’re worried about sunscreen leaving a white cast on your skin, check out this sunscreen line. I love this as a daily sunscreen because it blends right into my skin!

Heading Out

Before I cut my hair short, I was all about running hats. Now, I’m all about headbands!

Athleta has so many cute headband styles, made with moisture-wicking fabrics, that come in fun colors and prints. The insides of these headbands also have grippy strips on the inside to keep the headband in place. For a person whose headbands are always sliding around or falling off, this is a major upgrade for me!

I’m loving the Swept Up Headband in their Powervita fabric as well as their Knotted Headband in the same material.

If you’re into running hats, there are so many styles out there! Running stores, outdoor stores, and activewear stores carry hats that can be worn for running. If you’re planning to run before the sun rises or after it sets, I suggest a running hat with reflective elements.

Fast and Sturdy

An important piece of running gear that’s often forgotten – the sports bra. If you’re not sure of the last time you bought a new high-impact sports bra for running, then you’re probably due for a few new ones! Athleta carries high-impact sports bras, and with new colors out for the spring!

This article from Runner’s World provides some good tips on how to buy the right sports bra and when to replace it.

Did you know I review sports bra? You can find my reviews on my blog and my YouTube channel.


When the weather is unpredictable, it’s so important to dress in layers! In the spring, one of my favorite items to wear is a running jacket. If you shop smart, your running jacket can also double as a running belt. Hello, zippered pockets!

I picked up two styles from Athleta for two different types of spring weather – The Whistler Half Zip for those cooler days, and the Momentum Half Zip when I want a pullover that I can quickly remove and tie around my waist if needed.

A Race to Train For

A 5K? An ultra-marathon? Whatever your race distance or terrain, signing up for a race is a great way to help you transition to the next season!

Looking for a fun race next month? The Pike’s Peek 10K returns this year! This race is so much fun, and ends with a celebration at Pike & Rose! I love how flat the course is, and it’s also so much fun to run down Rockville Pike without worrying about the cars on this otherwise busy road. There’s usually some fun race swag and great food at the end of this point-to-point race.

Bonus: Running jams!

I like to spruce up my running playlists each season. Check out this playlist for some inspiration!