Cherry Blossom Season is upon us and I’m not talking about the trees. It’s time to get festive with our treats! Here are 6 must-stops to add to your cherry blossom celebration.

1. With two locations in the DMV, Georgetown Cupcake boasts about its 2 cherry-flavored cupcakes including the infamous Cherry Blossom cupcake. For the cheesecake lover, The Cherry Cheesecake is complete with a graham cracker crust, and topped with cherry-infused icing, which is a fun rendition of a classic treat! 

2. Kusshi Sushi, offers a Cherry Blossom roll– how cool! This roll has tuna, white tuna, salmon, masago, avocado, and is topped with a seaweed salad. It is served with a spicy wasabi sauce. No need to rush on this one, this delicious roll is available year-round! A second location opening in Virginia later this year.

3. With a 2022 Best of Bethesda Editors Pick win for “Best Solution for Indecisive Ice Cream Eaters,” it’s no surprise Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream would come out with a seasonal cherry blossom flavor! The Cherry Blossom Festival flavor contains their signature fresh cherries with a base of rosewater ice cream for a refreshing fruity treat.

4. Astro Doughnuts has two flavors to commemorate the cherry trees: The Cherry Cheesecake and The Cherry Blossom (pictured). Both are filled with a tart cherry jam layer in the middle, but the Cherry Blossom comes hand decorated with icing trees.

5. Kyoto Matcha has not one or two, but three year-round cherry treats! The Dream of Sakura, Cherry Blossom Frappe, and Sakura Cheese Mousse Oreo Cakes are inspired by the cherry blossoms. The light wood interior decor and decorative flowers also make this stop ideal for pictures.

6. Rounding out the list is Asia Bistro. The Roses n’ Creme is a rose-infused tea with hibiscus, topped with cream and rose petals, and comes paired with crystal boba. This beautiful tea is sure to put you in a tree spotting mood with its layers of textures and flavor.

I’m a scientist by trade, but a foodie at heart—based out of the DC Metropolitan area. I love to travel and am always looking to make connections over local food.

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