Last month, I shared a few tips on how to refresh your home for the new season. Now that it’s officially spring, I’ve got you covered with five more easy ways to freshen up your home for the season. 

1. Clean Out Your Closet

One of the first things I do after “springing forward” is clean out my closet. I move all of my winter clothes to the back—and get myself reacquainted with all of my favorite spring and summer fashion finds. 

To take your closet to the next level, you can make some small investments that will make a huge difference. For one, I like to use matching hangers for all of my clothes so that my closet feels really pulled together. I always buy velvet non-slip hangers from TJMaxx. I like to use storage baskets to hide some of the clutter and group similar objects together. They really help you stay organized and visually simplify your closet.

2. Swap In Spring Dish Towels

When thinking about how you can freshen up your home for spring, don’t forget the small spaces or everyday items you reach for. I use the towel rack on my oven for both form and function—not only does it hold the dish towels I reach for when cooking and cleaning, I also use it as a place to show my personality and celebrate each season.

My favorite place to shop for dish towels is Target because they have a wide selection and are great at bringing in new seasonal prints and patterns. For spring, I really gravitate towards light blues and greens, this one felt extra fun because of the tassel and fringe detail. 

3. Lighter Blankets

If you’re anything like me, when you’re hanging on the couch after a long day at work, you want to cuddle up with a blanket. One way to transition from winter to spring is swapping out heavier blankets with lighter throws. My favorite place to shop for these is Target as they always have a wide selection. 

4. Restyle a High-Trafficked Area

I spent a lot of time this winter at home, and sometimes you just need something new to look at. Recently, I decided to restyle my nightstands. It took a short time but had a big impact! The best part is that you can either mix in new pieces or style old ones in a fresh way.

One of my favorite ways to refresh a space and bring in color is through coffee table books. For this nightstand, I used all pink, white, and neutral books to make it feel fresh and cohesive. I love buying coffee table books at TJ Maxx, and at a small boutique, like Le Village Marche

5. Say Cheers!

To enjoy the warmer temps during springtime, I love to sit outside after a long day of work and soak in the sunshine with a cold glass of bubbly in hand. To make happy hour extra special, I love using special barware. I picked up these vintage-style champagne coupes and blush-colored coasters from Le Village Marche.

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