Nursery? Check! Carseat? Check! That weird thing that does the nose sucking thing? Yuck! And, check!

Now, for the fun stuff. Time to deck those sweet little babes in outfits that they’ll wear for a few hours! Skip the trucks and all that pink, if that’s not your thing. Animal prints are always having a fashion moment—even for the littlest of fashionistas. From bows to sneakers, dress your own littles or your besties bestie in your favorite wild looks!

  1. Tiny Treasures Mixed Novelty Bow Headbands, $5.99, Buy Buy Baby
  2. NYGB Leopard Print Bow Headband, $6.99, Buy Buy Baby
  3. Gerber Just Born Leopard Hooded Towel, $24.99, Buy Buy Baby
  4. 1-Piece Snug Fit Cotton Footie PJs, $12.00, Carter’s
  5. Sweatshirt Jumpsuit, $12.99, H&M
  6. Toddler Leopard Print High-Tops, $31.99, Gap
  7. Baby Leopard-Print Water-Resistant Snowsuit, $44.99, Old Navy