(Editor’s Note: title sang to the tune of the Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat!”)

How do you charcuterie? As a sophisticated appetizer? An elegant meal? A chic tailgate? Or, a show-stopping tablescape? There is only one right answer. All of the above. And, the best part—it’s practically foolproof!

Start with the meat (yeah, we got the meat!)—because, charcuterie is, of course, by definition, a collection of cold cooked meats. Add your favorites cheeses (yes, more than one. actually, all.the.cheeses). Something sweet—a fruit spread, or bite-sized dried or fresh fruits. Something savory, such as your favorite nut (which is marcona almond, don’t @ us), or olives if you’re feeling fancy. And, a vehicle to take it from board to mouth, like a seasoned cracker or fresh baguette.

While we’re going crazy, let’s not stop with there. Take your inspiration from a traditional board, and theme it out! From DIY ice cream sundae boards, to adult-only trick-or-treat boards, it’s easy to get creative, have a lot of fun, and eat well!